MyvitaD3 Price in india

Benefits Of The Bezulife

With the advent of Work-From-Home scenarios and hard-pressed office schedules, we certainly have let loose the strings to our well-being. Not giving health the due importance it deserves, injurious habits and nutrient deficiencies have taken a toll on our bone density and presented us with many an inescapable symptoms. The most common of these deficiencies can be very well traced to our lack of Vitamin D3 intake.

Introducing, My Vita D3, a ready-to-drink solution made especially for those who find themselves bothered by the dearth of this vital nutrient. Designed as a pack of four sugar-free (60000 IU) Nano Shots, this product goes on to meet the taste of any age group with its pleasurable butterscotch flavour.

Benefits of MyvitaD3

• Effectively managing our blood sugar levels

• Arming our bones and teeth with density and strength

• Improving our immunity

• Lessening the risk of cancer

• Fostering our heart health

• Helping us to battle depression


• A feeling to stay indoors

• Muscle weakness & cramps

• Poor bone health

• Fatigue

• Anxiety or depression