Dolcycal Price in india

Dietary needs for Vitamins & Minerals varies from person to person and depends on numerous factors – age, body weight, over-all health, pregnancy, lactation and also if the person is having nutritional deficiencies.

Your body communicates the deficiency of Vitamins & Minerals through various symptoms. Try BesutoMark’s Products that can help you meet the nutritional needs.

There are various symptoms that your body communicates in regard to nutritional deficiency –



•Pale Skin

•Hair loss

•Irregular Heartbeats

•Shortness of Breath


•Mood Swings


To meet the nutritional gaps in your body, which you are not able to get into your daily diet, Multi-vitamins are vital for your health. With BezuLife you can get the required Multi-Minerals & Multi-Vitamins that you are unable to meet.

To meet the nutritional needs in body, people take up the habit of eating vitamins & minerals. It is only in certain cases, when doctor prescribes vitamin & mineral supplements because your body is unable to meet the body’s requirements. And the doctor prescribes not more than 10 tablets in a month.

Nutritional deficiency is the most common challenge amongst other challenges for Indians. The inadequate amount of Proteins, Iron, Vitamin D & B12 and Folic Acid are frequently found in the Indians. Try BesutoMark’s Products that can help you meet the nutritional needs.

Your body needs a lot of vitamins and minerals for proper functioning. And our body needs large amounts of minerals to grow and stay healthy.

In this fast-paced lifestyle, it is impossible for any person to meet all the vitamin and mineral deficiency without supplements. Try BezuLife to meet Vitamin & Mineral deficiencies.

Pregnant Women and Lactating Mothers must consult their Doctors or Dietician before taking any vitamin or mineral supplements.

For Vitamin deficiencies, Vitamin Supplements are one of the effective ways for your nutrients intakes.

To get all the nutrients in your body, you need to have a good understanding of healthy and balanced diet. If your diet isn’t planned properly, you miss out on the essential nutrients such as Calcium, Iron and Vitamin B12. Try BezuLife, a nutritional supplement that can help you achieve your daily nutritional needs.

If you are having a healthy and balanced diet, you may not require supplements. Try BezuLife that can meet your daily nutritional requirements.

Calcium is the highly rich mineral in the body. DolcyCal Tablets helps you meet the Calcium deficiencies.