International Patient

Besuto Mark Healthcare

Besuto Mark Healthcare is one of the fastest-growing medical facilitation companies providing healthcare services across a wide range of specialities in India in a patient-centric environment. Having doctors with broad clinical practice on board and top hospitals as our partners, we offer world-class quality care.

Our multidisciplinary team is available round the clock for service of patients. They will ensure that all your needs are looked after right from patients treatment, accommodation, doctor follow-ups and commuting

Step-To-Follow for International Patient

We understand that getting treatment in another country can be stressful. We provide a seamless experience to our patients that makes their treatment journey hassle-free. Below are the steps to be followed by international patients.

step 1

Share Your Medical History

The international patient is required to share their medical reports and detailed medical history along with inquiry about the medical treatment and doctor.

step 2


On receiving your medical documents and inquiry, our consultations will get your medical reports reviews from the chosen doctor

step 3

Treatment Estimate

Our team will then inform you of the advised treatment options, the estimated cost of treatment and the duration of stay in the hospital & India.

step 4

Treatment Estimate

On receiving your confirmation, a video consultation will be arranged with the doctor to understand your medical condition better and also to answer your queries

step 5

Medical Visa Processing

After finalisation of treatment, our team will send a formal medical visa invitation letter to initiate the process for the medical visa from the Indian Consulate

step 6

Arrival in India

Once you arrive in India, our coordinator will receive you at the airport and help you with all the necessary formalities

step 7

Assistance With Accommodation

If required, our coordinator will assist you with accommodation depending on your budget and requirements. Our team can also arrange accommodation before arrival on the request of the patient

step 8

Doctor Consultation

After all the necessary formalities are done, our coordinator will arrange a consultation with the doctor and make necessary arrangements for the medical procedure

step 9

Post- Discharge Support

After the treatment, the patients will be facilitated with post-operative care and follow-up visits with the doctor will be arranged. In case the patient needs to stay for a longer period, our coordinator will assist you with the required visa extension process.

step 10

Departure From India

Once the patient recovers, our coordinator will provide the fit to fly letter from the doctor and the patient will be dropped back to the designated airport